Office Policies

A doctor is always available after hours for problems which cannot safely wait until the next office day.  If your child should become ill at a time when there is no physician in the office, the answering service will contact the doctor on call, who will return your call as quickly as possible.  If you have a true emergency which cannot wait for a return call from the doctor, go directly to the emergency room.  The doctors there will initiate treatment and contact us regarding the problem.

Appointments should be made by calling our office during regular office hours.  When calling, please let the receptionist know if your child is sick or if this is a well checkup.  This allows us to schedule sufficient time to meet your needs. Appointments for sick children will be made on the same day.  Well checkups should be scheduled as far in advance as possible.  We ask that you please tell us when you make your appointment if more than one child needs to be seen.  We need to schedule enough time to see the additional children.  It is unfair to try to "squeeze in" a second child when there are other patients with appointments waiting to be seen.

If this is your first visit to our office we ask that you please tell the receptionist when you make your appointment.  The first visit always takes longer because we must obtain a medical history and get to know your child.  We also ask that you try to arrive a little earlier than your appointment time so that we can complete the necessary paperwork prior to your child being seen.  If you are transferring into our practice, please arrange to have your child’s medical records sent prior to the first appointment.

We try to keep as close as possible to our appointment schedule.  When you arrive for your appointment, please make every effort to be on time, or even a little early.  If patients are late, those who are on time end up waiting.  We realize that unexpected things may come up which could make it impossible for you to keep your appointment.  In such a situation please call us, and we will reschedule you for a later time or date.  If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may offer that time to another patient.  There may be a charge for broken appointments if we are not notified of cancellation. 

Emergencies may arise where one of the doctors may have to leave the office unexpectedly.  In such a situation, we may have to reschedule patients or have them see another doctor instead.  However, sick patients who must be seen will of course always be seen.  We ask that you bear with us in such a situation, and realize that emergencies are unpredictable and must always take priority. 

A copy of our office fees are available upon your request.

We would appreciate complete payment for medical services and care at the time such services are rendered.  We do understand that this may be difficult for families at times.  If your family is having difficulty, please consult with our office manager so that special arrangements can be made.  At the time of your visit, the charge slip will explain in detail the charges incurred. 

Telephone Calls During Office Hours
Our offices have no specific “telephone hours.”  During regular office hours you may call to schedule an appointment or to obtain information.
If you wish to discuss a problem or ask a question of the physicians, the receptionist will take your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and a brief description of the problem.  The physician will then return your call as soon as time allows.  Remember that if the office is very busy, the doctor may not be able to call back for several hours, and if there is a question about whether your child should be seen, it is often better to request an appointment. 

Completion of Forms / Referrals
In order to complete a form for your child (i.e. day care, school, sports, working papers, driver’s license), we require that we have seen the child for a well visit within the time frame specified by the routine schedule of visits – that is every 2-3 months for children less than two years old, and once a year if older than age two.  Please allow one week for completion of these forms.  There is a fee for completion of forms.
Also, we require that you call at least 3 business days in advance for all referral requests.  Thank you for your cooperation.